5 Mistakes you are making while charging your smartphone

Written by Rohit Salve

Mistake #1    Leaving phone charging overnight

It might seem like common sense to leave the android phone on charge overnight so that when you wake up it is ready to go at 100℅ power. While your phone will be fully charged,it is coming at the price of wearing down the battery faster.
During the night the phone will charge to 100℅,but once it has reached capacity, the charger simply doesn’t turn off.The charger is going to send small pulses of energy yo the battery because it doesn’t realize it is full.Each time it sends those little pulses,it slowly eats away the battery. Doing this continuously will cause the battery to drain faster when you use it over time.

Mistake #2  waiting until 5℅ to charge your Android phone

One of the most common charging mistakes is waiting your phone battery is at 5℅ before you charge.It puts more strain on the battery to have to charge it back up 95℅ each day than it does to give it a little top off when it reaches say 75℅.
Charging the phone for a shorter time,a few times a day is less stressful on the battery and will help to preserve it longer. using your phone until the last possible minute and then running a charge can cause that battery to lose its ability to hold a charge more rapidly.

Mistake #3  Turning off screen time out

Many users get annoyed when the backlight of the phone gets off if there is no activity on the screen for sometime. so what they do is turn off the screen time out feature in the settings while putting the phone on charging.Now,while charging the screen doesn’t get turn off which in turn drains the battery at a rate more than the charging rate of the battery.It also reduces the battery life.Hence,it is always advisable to turn on the screen off feature to the lowest value possible. you can access this feature in
Settings>Display>screen time out.

Mistake #4  Leaving On App notifications

Some people are so fond of social networking that they keep all the social networking apps intact.While your phone is put on charging and it is not in use.still these apps ping a lot of notifications which does nothing but drains out the battery and increases the charging time of battery only.Hence it is always advisable to turn off the app notifications while putting your phone at charging during night.

Mistake #5  Not using power saving mode

Smart phones these days come with many great and advance power saving mode is one of these useful features which helps user to use the phone till the last drop of battery.when the battery level of your phone goes down to a certain level say 20℅,then if this mode is enabled it automatically puts your phone in a preset mode and optimizes it by keeping the screen brightness low and killing all the unnecessary background apps.which in turn increases the running time of the battery means you can now use the phone for more time than can access this feature in your phone via settings>battery>smart power saving mode.

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