Best Hacks That Will Keep You From Losing Your Phone

Written by Rohit Salve


1. Use Silent Mode in Android with smart way. So you never forget your android phone in Silent Mode.
Download and Install silent hours app in your phone for scheduling silent mode in phone.


2. Put your name and an emergency contact number on your phone’s lock-screen or wallpaper.


3. Never Put your phone in BackPocket.

Backpocket phone are easy target for thieves.


4 . Turn on Android Device Manager , with this service your can easily track your lost android phone.

Android device manager is a free service for tracking lost android phone.

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5. Write Down your Phone IMEI Number in Notes. If you lost your phone , you can register a FIR and find your phone with the help of your Mobile IMEI number.

Just dial *#06# and you get your mobile IMEI number.

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Follow these steps and share these tricks with your friends so they never lost android phone.

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