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check the authenticity of your samsung galaxy note 7

Samsung is one of the most trusted smartphone manufacturing brands in the global market.But from past few days samsung is recalling all its manufactured smartphones.Additionally, it has also stopped the further shipment process of certain has released a press note that it will provide a replacement to all the shipped Samsung galaxy note 7 .The further sales have been stopped till then.

You recently bought a Samsung galaxy note 7 but you are not sure whether it is safe or not? But there is a way to make sure that the Samsung galaxy note 7 in your hands is a safe one.Here is a guide on how to check the authenticity of your samsung galaxy note 7:?

The replacement that is safe comes with two visual indicators on the box to assure that it is safe.Hence,we can check before purchasing the product itself.

  1. There is a small black square near the barcode.
  2. Also,a circular sticker with “S” imprinted on it which stands for “Safe”.

These two parameters will help you in confirming the authenticity of your Samsung galaxy note 7.This step taken by Samsung shows the seriousness of the company for its customers and we appreciate samsung for it.Hope this guide helps everyone out,you can go now & buy yourself a safe Samsung galaxy note 7.

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