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How to fix Error 0x80070057- EASY SOLUTION!!

Written by Rohit Salve

How to fix error 0x80070057 on Windows!

Error 0x80070057 occurs when you do something wrong with your hard disk or operating system. There are several reasons 0x80070057 may occur, but everything is related to your hard disk and operating system, below are some of the reasons why this error occurs.

If you are going to reinstall the windows or soft restore your Windows operating system, then you may have to backup all your files, this error code may pop up during the backup process.

This error can occur during the windows 7 or windows 8 operating system installation. It is related to the windows setup part of the installation.

There is always a small part of your hard disk reserved for the system or operating system. This error may blink again and again if this partition is corrupted.

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This error also occurs when you try to update your Windows operating system with a current older version of Windows operating system. Many reported this error 0x80070057 during Windows 10 upgrade.

All these happens only because you are having a corrupted hard disk or any other problem with your hard disk connected to the mother board. But, there are several solutions to fix this error code. In this post, we will discuss it one by one.

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Fixing the 0x80070057 Error:

Method 1 – Adding Error Bypass Registry

Click on the Windows icon and type ‘regedit’ and hit enter this will take you to the system registry.

Now locate the following registry in the list and browse it.


Go to Edit menu and click on ‘point to new’ and then select dword value.

Now type in the following command.


Now the new registry will be added to the list right click on it and modify the value to 1.

Now close the System registry windows and try again. This will solve the problem in most of the case, if still the problem proceeds, then try next solution.

Method 2 – Change the Time Symbol Format to Fix Error 0x80070057

Right click on the time at the right bottom part of your taskbar and click on settings.

Now click on the Format tab, and click on additional settings

Now in the decimal value enter ‘.’ and save it. Reboot your computer.

That’s it! This may solve your problem.

Method 3 – Deleting and Creating new System Reserved Partition for 0x80070057

Insert your operating system’s boot device and click on custom installation at reinstalling of your windows OS.

Now, just select all the system reserved partition and delete it.

Now, create a new partition for the same and select it accordingly.

This will fix Error 0x80070057 problem for sure. If still, the problem precedes, try some small tweaks like disabling the windows firewall, windows defender, anti-virus, etc. After doing all the above method, you will surely see the error 0x80070057 getting vanished.

If you face any problem while installation of your windows or any issue while fixing the problem using the above method, feel free to comment below we will help you out.

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