10+ Free Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Movies Online!!

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Are you looking for Free Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Free Movies Online Directly without downloading anything? Bingo!! We’ve got you covered.

If being time efficient is on one side then, having some time for fun and entertainment is on another side. There are lots of mode of entertainment in this century varying from playing a computer game to watching movies. Movies are being major entertainers for people for last hundred years and the convenient to watch movies have become easier these days.

Before 80 years, movies can be watched only in theaters, but as time flies televisions became another area to enjoy movies and nowadays we can watch all movies in computer, laptops and even in the smartphones which we carry in pockets. Latest gadgets like smartwatches can also play free movies online now.

10 Best Free Movie Websites to Watch Free Movies Online

You can watch any movie from being old to latest released movies from any language using the internet. On the internet itself there are various sources to watch movies. So, in this post I will mention the top ten websites to stream movies online, which include various features like full HD, 4K streaming, download option, subtitles, dubbed movies, etc.

#1 – Crackle – Number 1 Site to Watch Free Movies Online

If you are a regular internet user and have discovered a lot of sites on the internet for various purposes then the first website that comes to your mind when anyone asks you for free movie streaming sites, Crackle comes into mind.

Crackle has an official partnership with Sony Pictures which has produced and directed thousands of movies, so Crackle will be able to stream all those movies in HD for free. Apart from streaming Crackle also provides the users with a download now option in different resolutions.

Link to website:

#2 – GO Movies – Watch Movies Online

Go Movies in another great website to stream movies from different languages and different genres. Go Movies have a wonderful categorization of movies which makes the site’s visitors very convenient to browse a particular movie from a list for thousand movies. They also provide a filter option so that you can pick a group of movies that you will like easily.

#3 – Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is the next website in our list of best online movie streaming websites. They include many genres of movies like documentaries, action, thriller, drama, love, horror, etc. Their list has more than 200 movies with subtitles to each movie in English. The best part of this website is there is no need for an account to stream movies. You can just directly browse the site and stream movies.

Link to website –

#4 – Prime Wire

Prime Wire ranks fourth on our list. Prime Wire is one of the oldest and one of the best website to stream movies for free online. You just need to create an account and you will be able to watch thousands of movies for free, the best part of this website is they are being updated constantly, so you will never miss a new movie. New movies will be added to the site once the rights are reserved by the site.

#5 – View Ster

Viewster is the next site in our list for free movie streaming websites. It is an all in one website which not only has a huge collection of movies but also collections of TV Series, Cartoons, Songs, etc. There are small bits of ads in between the movies to enjoy them in a free account. Their database is updated regularly, so you can find all the latest movies on this website.

#6 – Hulu

Hulu is a wonderful site for online movie streaming because it contains almost all the movies you can think, this is because the site is owned by ABC networks along with NBC and FOX networks, so any movie produced by them appears in this site first within 3-4 months of a movie release. Apart from this they also have a great collection of movies for which they got rights for telecasting.

Link to website –

#7 – Yidio

Yidio is a very great site to search and stream online movies. Yes! using this site you can search any movie by knowing just the actor, actress or release year, etc because this website has a very good category section with wonderful filter options which allows the users to sort the movie they are looking for very easily.

#8 – House Movie

The next site in our list of free online movie streaming sites is House Movie, this site provides its users with thousands of movies and series of all time with beautiful website and video player interface. You can filter the movies and series with their genres, names, year of release, etc. It is the new site which is constantly adding ten to twenty movies weekly.

#9 – Shout Factory

Shout Factory contains a huge collection of movies and TV series. You need to create an account to access the movies in Shout Factory which will allow you to choose your favorite movies, series and have them in a separate section to access again easily. This website has a public master directory which allows you to sort movies by date, rating, name, etc.

#10 – YouTube

The last site in our list is Youtube. Everyone who uses the internet knows about youtube, which is a very popular video website. You can stream movies in youtube also, all old movies will be available on youtube for free and you can stream it without any account. New movies will also be uploaded by some channel who have bought the rights to that movie. Youtube is a very easy to use and user-friendly website.

Link to website –

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