10+ Free Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Movies Online!!

Written by Rohit Salve

Are you looking for Free Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Free Movies Online Directly without downloading anything? Bingo!! We’ve got you covered.

If being time efficient is on one side then, having some time for fun and entertainment is on another side. There are lots of mode of entertainment in this century varying from playing a computer game to watching movies. Movies are being major entertainers for people for last hundred years and the convenient to watch movies have become easier these days.

Before 80 years, movies can be watched only in theaters, but as time flies televisions became another area to enjoy movies and nowadays we can watch all movies in computer, laptops and even in the smartphones which we carry in pockets. Latest gadgets like smartwatches can also play free movies online now.

10 Best Free Movie Websites to Watch Free Movies Online

You can watch any movie from being old to latest released movies from any language using the internet. On the internet itself there are various sources to watch movies. So, in this post I will mention the top ten websites to stream movies online, which include various features like full HD, 4K streaming, download option, subtitles, dubbed movies, etc.

#1 – Crackle – Number 1 Site to Watch Free Movies Online

If you are a regular internet user and have discovered a lot of sites on the internet for various purposes then the first website that comes to your mind when anyone asks you for free movie streaming sites, Crackle comes into mind.

Crackle has an official partnership with Sony Pictures which has produced and directed thousands of movies, so Crackle will be able to stream all those movies in HD for free. Apart from streaming Crackle also provides the users with a download now option in different resolutions.

Link to website:

#2 – GO Movies – Watch Movies Online

Go Movies in another great website to stream movies from different languages and different genres. Go Movies have a wonderful categorization of movies which makes the site’s visitors very convenient to browse a particular movie from a list for thousand movies. They also provide a filter option so that you can pick a group of movies that you will like easily.

#3 – Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is the next website in our list of best online movie streaming websites. They include many genres of movies like documentaries, action, thriller, drama, love, horror, etc. Their list has more than 200 movies with subtitles to each movie in English. The best part of this website is there is no need for an account to stream movies. You can just directly browse the site and stream movies.

Link to website –

#4 – Prime Wire

Prime Wire ranks fourth on our list. Prime Wire is one of the oldest and one of the best website to stream movies for free online. You just need to create an account and you will be able to watch thousands of movies for free, the best part of this website is they are being updated constantly, so you will never miss a new movie. New movies will be added to the site once the rights are reserved by the site.

#5 – View Ster

Viewster is the next site on our list for free movie streaming websites. It is an all on one website which not only has a huge collection of movies but also collections of TV Series, Cartoons, Songs, etc. There are small bits of ads in between the movies to enjoy them in a free account. Their database is updated regularly, so you can find all the latest movies on this website. You can take the movies out of the categories in a few minutes but applying filters may get everything in a mess. So choose your steps wisely especially when you are about the get the filters in actions!

#6 – Hulu

Hulu is a wonderful site for online movie streaming because it contains almost all the movies you can think, this is because the site is owned by ABC networks along with NBC and FOX networks, so any movie produced by them appears in this site first within 3-4 months of a movie release. Apart from this they also have a great collection of movies for which they got rights for telecasting.

Hulu is available in every app stores and anyone can install it on your Android and iOS devices. Though it provides quality videos, sometimes high-quality videos which are of more than 1800p resolution don’t run on maximum devices available in the market. These are basically 4K videos and normally maximum devices get slower while rendering these videos. It’s the dangerous con feature of this app.

Downside: All the new releases get listed in Hulu at late. It takes more than 3 months to get into the list of Hulu.

Link to website –

#7 – Yidio

Now, we are presenting a full frame TV screen on your PC. Yidio comes with ready to play and easy finding features. You can find movies and TV shows. Apart from these, you can find the latest news also!

  • As a user, you can check what’s trending in the sections of movies and TV shows. The option of making a watchlist is a dope!
  • The ajax search option on the top bar serves as the ultimate query string. Whatever you search, if that matches anything in the huge digital library of Yidio, it will be shown immediately.
  • I love the option of “Netflix” movies and TV shows where all the latest TV shows are available to watch! There’s no point to spend bucks for Netflix subscription. Yidio can quench your thirst.

Downside: Many TV shows come in late and that’s why it becomes irrelevant especially when we eagerly wait for something stupendous and at that time waiting literally kills.

#8 – House Movie

The next site in our list of free online movie streaming sites is House Movie, this site provides its users with thousands of movies and series of all time with beautiful website and video player interface. You can filter the movies and series with their genres, names, year of release, etc. It is the new site which is constantly adding ten to twenty movies weekly.

The best part of this site is it takes very less time to load even if you are connected to a 2G network.

##tips: Let it take a few minutes to render any video because once it’s rendered and the video starts and it will continue if you get connected to the data network. Don’t get irritated while it renders the movie at the start. Be patient and wait for a while.

Downside: Listing of movies is slower than the other providers of free online movie and TV show streaming. Weekly not more than 20 videos are added.

#9 – Shout Factory

Shout Factory contains a huge collection of movies and TV series. You need to create an account to access the movies in Shout Factory which will allow you to choose your favorite movies, series and have them in a separate section to access again easily. This website has a public master directory which allows you to sort movies by date, rating, name, etc.

#10 – YouTube

The last site in our list is Youtube. Everyone who uses the internet knows about youtube, which is a very popular video website. You can stream movies in youtube also, all old movies will be available on youtube for free and you can stream it without any account. New movies will also be uploaded by some channel who have bought the rights to that movie. Youtube is a very easy to use and user-friendly website.

Link to website –

#11- Tubi TV- Your online TV

Just like the previous one, Tubi TV also caters viewers with different videos from almost one dozen genres at absolutely free of cost.

There’s a premium section where you need to pay to watch videos but everything else apart from this comes at free of cost.

It supports a lot of devices: There’re a lot of filters like Featured, New Arrivals to choose from. The best part of this application is that it supports all the devices run on Android and iOS. Apart from these, it supports Xbox, PS4, Apple TVs, Chromecast and Amazon Firestick etc.

You can enjoy various movies of different genres like romance, drama, documentary, kids, comedy, and horror!

Downside: You need to be a registered user to watch the movies online without any restriction. It stores your email and some information as well. So it’s not a good idea to go with this if you are a privacy freak! Otherwise, everything is quite awesome.

#12- Cartoon HD

It began with cartoon series but later it rebranded itself and started covering various other genres like movies, TV shows etc. Till now, for watching cartoon online it’s the ultimate site but for other things also, we can’t ignore it anyway. The interface of this site looks like Yidio to some extents. You will find the major options like “TV series” and “movies” on the top bar while there’s an ajax search button at adjacent to that.

With a scroll, you will find the other options like “popular”, “trending” etc which is quite common features in maximum online TV site.

  • All the contents are true HD quality.
  • Users can see the trailer before watching the full-length movie. After watching the trailers if you get interested then start streaming.
  • Users can see the details of the movie and TV shows like casts, director, and producer.
  • Using filters you can easily filter out the movies like you can check any specific genre or anything else.

Downside: If you don’t have high-speed Wi-Fi connection then it may become difficult to load the videos. The home screen is also heavy and takes a few seconds even while you are connected to a high-speed data network! So you can go for it if you have internet speed more than 1 MBPS.

#13- Gomovies

Another one, it’s one of the best free HD movie streaming sites and is considered as one of the most popular in America. A lot of filters can make your task easier. All the filters and categories are available on the top bar. On the right side, there’s a search bar that works exactly how you want it to work!

The suggestion block is the best one where four main subcategories show the best-listed movies and TV shows. You can find the “Top IMDB” section where all the top-rated IMDB movies are shown with the ratings.

With the 3G connection, you can run almost all the videos effortlessly. In the 2G network, it buffers but can be played after 5 mins buffering.

Downside: All the videos aren’t of HD quality, some are CAM quality also. And there’s a section called “interesting for you”, don’t click on that. It’s simply an advertisement banner and clicking on that will redirect you to some other pages or websites.

#14- Popcorn Time- an application for Windows, Android and Android TVs

Though it’s not a website in its actual form, Popcorn is hugely popular among the youngsters for free movie streaming. It’s considered as one of the most popular movie streaming applications in the world currently. Once it’s installed on your devices, you can start enjoying true quality movies without any interruption at all. You can easily connect your PC to your home theatre system and can make the living room a mini-movie hall!

Popcorn Time is immensely famous among the Android and Windows users simultaneously. There are so many reasons behind this. These features are really impressive as more than eight million people use this application.

Thumbs up: Features are the main trickle point of its popularity. Let’s have a look what it has with it and how it actually won millions of hearts.

HD Videos: It provides all the movies with top notch quality though you can set the video quality manually if your data speed is low. In general, we hardly find a good quality video in torrents but here every video is of top rated quality and enjoying these videos is a pleasure to the eyes.

Windows & TV support: Popcorn Time has a different setup file for Windows PCs and Android smart TVs. As a user, we don’t need to use an emulator to enjoy this application on our Windows PCs and TVs. Just download the different clients and install the devices accordingly.

No Sign up & No credit card: It’s another plus point of having this as the primary free movie streaming app on our devices. Unlike some other apps, it neither asks for signing up nor any credit card to attach. So, all the privacy freak people also can use this.

TV Shows and anime: With Popcorn Time, we don’t only watch movies but also TV shows and anime! The dashboard of this app tells us everything. On the top bar, we can find the genre and types of the videos divided into some classifications!

You can also find out the “trending” videos with a single click!

Watchlist and favorite: Using the buttons given at the top right users can save some favourite movies in the “favourite” folder while you can make a wishlist with the collection of the movies you want to see in coming days. It’s like- you screen the movies and store those to watch later! Simple, isn’t it?

Downside: It directly streams torrent videos through its secure network. Whenever you click on the “Watch” option it starts streaming. So it’s obvious that if somehow torrents get hurt, Popcorn Time will not function properly.

# It takes a few minutes to start when clicked. Don’t keep clicking on the icon, just a single click is enough!

#15- Yesmovies

It’s like thumbing yes to the movies. If you have a smartphone or smart TV then it’s time to chill and relax as Yesmovies will bring the entire movie collection to ease your boredom with a single click only!

The whole idea is very simple. The entire dashboard is very simple looking and easy to go with. On the top bar, you can select the type of videos you want to enjoy- TV shows or movies! There’s a small section of the latest news around the entertainment world.

A big search field is on the homepage where you can search the favourite movies easily and with a simple click, it will bring the whole list of related movies as well.

All right, there’s nothing special at all, it’s only for movies and TV shows and you will find those here- a complete solution!

Thumbs up: An old collection of movies is here, you can harness the taste of these old movies easily!

Downside: Though it has some incredible collection, you can ‘t find the latest releases soon here on this site. It takes around 1 month to get listed on this site.

#16- Movie4K

Well, the list doesn’t end here as it will continue until we get lost in the ordinary video streaming sites.

The whole argument whether it’s worth to list this site in the epic list of free movie and TV show streaming site when you get to know that just with two clicks you can start streaming any HD content easily.

Thumbs ups: Let’s see the points we can bet upon.

  • There’s a section of new releases on the homepage and an easy click will get you there without any issue. Though users can get the search option at the top right corner, the genres will help you a lot in finding the best movies.
  • You also can choose the video quality you want to view the six options listed.
  • You can have a look at the “newly added” movies and TV shows and that too on the homepage.

Try it and I am sure that it won’t disappoint you anyway.

Downside: Like many other apps in this category, it takes time to load though some of the videos are served in CAM quality.

#17- HD Online

Let’s have a complete roundup of the basic features that we want in a standard free movie streaming website. It may follow the best video quality, superb sound experience, and compatibility in all browsers available. HD Online has all of these and that too in a simple looking way. It may make you feel that the HD Online and Yesmovies are either owned or developed by the same person or group of persons because these may look similar to some extents. But the two are different in every way. Let’s check how HD Online became one of the premiers in video streaming.

  • True HD toned color makes everything look alive. Quality of the old movies is also great in from all nooks and corners.
  • If your device doesn’t support resolution higher than 1400p then also you can adjust resolution according to your device and that too with simple button pressing!

Downside: Sometimes the site goes down when you are in between of anything. It makes us feel irritated!  This may even compel you to think to change the site also.

#18- 123 Movies

Another reason to rejoice! 123 Movies is here to make your entertainment life amazing! It uses third party server to host the videos that’s why the server is fast enough to render even in a 2G data connectivity also!

Thumbs up:

  • IMDB ratings are there awesome helps especially if you are finding something new.
  • The featured categories like “top viewed”, “top rated” etc are very helpful when you want to give it a try and find out why 123 movies become so popular!
  • I found the filters really excellent, like “by genre” and “by release year”. These are awesomely intuitive for the movie maniac! All the searches are at your finger tips.

Downside: It usually offers high-end resolution and sometimes that creates problems especially when you device isn’t capable of rendering that resolution smoothly. So having a device that supports 4K streaming is the best policy to check all the things properly.

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