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Geometry Dash 2.1 Apk Download | Geometry Dash Apk!!

Written by Rohit Salve

Geometry Dash 2.1 Apk Download: Geometry Dash Meltdown

Android games are always fun and very exciting to the extent of flexibility of Android operating system it is possible for a developer to create any type of game he or she wishes, almost anything is possible. Many developers inspired real-life stunts, movies, and computer games to create Android games, which is very attractive and addictive among the players.

The android games which originated from computer games, play stations, Xbox always have a huge success in the Android market. Most of these games are always paid and the real experience of computer gaming is felt. Popular games like GTA San Andreas, Geometry Dash, etc. are a huge success in Android gaming.

In this post, I will discuss the game Geometry Dash 2.1, review it and post a detailed guide on how to download Geometry Dash Meltdown from a trusted source and install it.

Geometry Dash 2.1 apk is a very great game developed and published by Rob Top Games which was first found on Steam on January 16th, 2017, within a month the game got several downloads and purchases, which encouraged the developers of the game to develop it for Android and iOS too.

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After few months the Geometry Dash app was released in google play store and apple app store. And the game had a huge success here too, soon after the release of this games in the mobile platform it had millions of downloads in weeks and everyone started loving it.

Features of Geometry Dash 2.1 apk Meltdown!

Geometry Dash 2.1 is one of the most famous and popular game in the Android and iOS market.

There are different versions official games, which the developers of the game developed.

There are also user customized versions of the game which the players developed.

The first version of the game was version 2.1 apk which was released on steam and it got a lot better in the successive versions.

The new version of Geometry Dash 2.1 includes a new level popularly known as finger dash, so the version is known to everyone as geometry dash v.finger dash or geometry finger dash.

This game works on Android version 4 and above. So, it basically works on all Android devices nowadays.

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Recent updates have added new gameplay objects for an awesome experience and a new spider mode has also been added to the game.

Almost all the bugs and flaw methods which were present in the previous versions of the games have been eventually fixed and the latest version is totally bug-free!

External mod or cheats like xmodgames are banned and users detect using it are banned for weeks at the first time and repeated use leads to a permanent ban.

In new versions of the game more shops, vaults, and many more exciting features are added for more fun. Daily quest gives you more coins to play with and many rewards too.

If you have internet access while playing the game then you will have daily rewards, special bonuses, and levels during the gameplay.

In successive updates, more and more tools are being added to the game for a whole new level of customization. Which makes the game have an infinite user customized versions, which you will find all over the web.

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How to download and install the Geometry Dash 2.1 apk?

Geometry Dash apk is just a normal all like all other apps, but you won’t find it on play store so you just have to download it from external sources and install it. I will provide the link to download and a detailed installation guide below.

1.    Browse the link provided below and download Geometry Dash 2.1 file from it and transfer the file to your smartphone where you want to install it, if you have downloaded it in your phone itself then it is fine.

Link to download Geometry Dash 2.1 apk

2.    Now, since, you have downloaded Geometry Dash 2.1 apk from an external source, you will have to tweak some setting before you will be able to install it on your Android smartphone.

3.    Go to settings and then search for accessibility, then you will find an option with a checkbox saying “Unknown sources”. Just check the box and get back to the file where you have stored it.

4.    Now, just open the app and install it as you install other apps on your smartphone. During the installation process, you may be prompted with a message “Installing this app is not safe for your device, it may brick or damage your phone”. Just click on proceed anyway, the app is 100% trusted and safe.

5.    After installation, run the app and enjoy the Geometry Dash 2.1 game!


Where can I download Geometry Dash 2.1 app?

You can download it from a lot of websites, but some of them are not safe as many of them have virus or malware attached to it. So, it is recommended to use the link provided in this post.

Is it safe to install an app like Geometry Dash 2.1 Meltdown from an external source, like we install this app?

Everything depends on the source from where you get it, check whether the site is trusted or else better stay away from it.

How can I stay up to date with Geometry dash Meltdown?

You will be informed by the app itself if there is an update available. So you need not worry to update it.

How can I customize geometry dash 2.1 Meltdown according to my need?

Geometry Dash 2.1 apk is highly customizable, you have all the tools to customize it within the app itself and it is really a great feature of the app.

Conclusion Of Geometry Dash Meltdown

Geometry Dash 2.1 is a wonderful game which everyone loves to play and it is also customizable so everyone can enjoy it a lot in their own way! And try to download the app from the link provided in this post as many sites are not safe, ensure each site’s authority before you download something forms it. If you face any issues while download or installation of the app or you want to share your feedback or review of the app feel free to comment below.

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