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How To Create A Flashable Zip File of any File/App/Data/Folder Easily using App

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NOTE:Those people who are not familiar with the basic Rooting terms like Nandroid backup,Custom Recovery,Busybox,Flashing etc are advised to go through Rooting:An Introduction as we are going to use these terms at some places in this guide 🙂

Getting a Nandroid Backup is the most important prerequisite in the process of installing a custom ROM in any android device.This Backup ensures  that if anything wrong does happen with the device i.e. the device gets bricked during the process of installing a custom ROM,we can get back to the original state from where we started by just Restoring the backup through Recovery mode in our Android.

But For Flashaholics,who like to Flash New Roms everyday,this backup becomes obsolete as they keep on changing ROMs and every ROM has some unique,If you want to get all these features in a single ROM, what would you do for that??

Well,we’re going to guide you in How you can make a consolidated file of all those features that you want in your ROM.In this post we shall guide you in HOW TO MAKE A FLASHABLE ZIP OF ANY APP/FONTS/FOLDER etc.


1.Download and install Zipme app from HERE.

2.Open the App and click on ADD(+) symbol in the lower right corner of the screen.


3.It will open a list of items viz. Apps,Data,System,File,Folder etc.You can choose any of these items i.e. If you want to create a zip file for an app,just choose it in the APPS menu,For system apps,choose system menu and so on.

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For instance,we chose apps as we want to create a flashable zip of the PICSART  app here.

4.In the next step,we are here with a list of both Downloaded apps & System apps.If it is a System app,Choose SYSTEM and If you have downloaded it from somewhere, Choose DOWNLOADED apps.

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Click on Done.

You can create three types of backups here:

  • App+Data
  • App Only
  • Data Only

So,choose the one that suits your need.we selected “App+Data”.

5.Now,just click on CREATE and save the target file location. It will start preparing a flashable zip file for your Data.



6.Once Finished,You can check the location of the file you had put in the above step.

Now,all you have to is to Flash this Zip file in any android phone via Recovery mode to get this app/feature.

If you face any difficulty or have any doubt regarding the procedure mentioned above,you can ask me anytime in the comments.

Hope this article helps you in creating a flashable zip of any file/app.If you found this article interesting and informative ,plz do share it with your friends and relatives via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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