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How to Hack InApp Purchases Using Lucky Patcher with/without Root

Written by Rohit Salve


Hack in app purchases using lucky patcher


In this post I shall Try to Clear Out two questions that many users Google Everyday i.e

1.How to Hack Inapp purchases using Lucky patcher with root? &

2.How to Hack Inapp Purchases using Lucky Patcher without Rooting?

However,we can Hack Inapp purchases in both the cases But the main Difference between the two is :

In the first method,we use a Rooted android phone where the system gains access to modify the app components whereas

In the latter one,this app component modification is done by lucky patcher itself & it creates a modified package of that application which can be installed in place of the original one to enjoy all the inapp purchases.

In this Guide,I shall be using the very famous android game “Hill climb Racing” to show you How to hack Inapp purchases in both the cases(Root & non-Root).So,Let’s take the call-


1.Download and install luck patcher.apk from Here.

2.Install Hill climb Racing game from Here.

3. Open Luck patcher and let it load all packages.


4.Now,click on Hill climb Racing.It will open a menu listing many options like this.


5.Click on “Open menu of patches” .


Now,If you have a Rooted phone,follow the below procedure or skip to the procedure for Non-Rooted phones.


6.Click on “Support patch for Inapp & LVL Emulation”.

7.In the next screen,you will get many have to do nothing here(you can take a backup of the app by ticking “ backup apk file in case you have downloaded the app from playstore and you don’t want to download it again if the patch fails).

8.Just click OK.

9.Now,the system will start patching the app and Once the patching process finishes,you will get a screen like this


If all the steps are failed(red colored),it means that the patch hasn’t been applied successfully and any green step indicates the patch has been applied successfully.

So,Our patch is successful as you can see.

10.Launch the app and click on anything you wanna purchase.


11.In the next screen, click on “Save purchases for Restore  and click OK.


Viola!!You just unlocked it.

Follow the sane steps for anything you want to purchase.



6.Once you have clicked “open menu of patches”,click on ” create modified apk”.

image on “App rebuild for Inapp and LVL Emulation.


8.In the next screen,Press OK.


9.Now,it will start creating a modified apk of this app and it will take 2-3 minutes in this process.

10.Once the process finishes,it will show you the location where this modified app has been stored.


11. Click on “Go to this location” and you will find the app there.

12.Click on the app and then click “uninstall and install.”


13.Clicking this option will uninstall the original app and will install the modified app.



14.Open the installed app and click on the things you wanna purchase.



15. Next , click on “save purchase for restore” and press yes



Viola!!you just unlocked all those features u want.

Similarly,you can unlock any feature of any game you want using lucky patcher.

It doesn’t matters whether you have a rooted or non rooted phone as you can do it both ways.

Note: This method works for mostly all games like candy crush,temple run,hill climb racing,beach rally,helicopter 3d,dead trigger,zombie hunter etc. But it has low chances to work on modern server based games like clash of clans,clash royals etc.

So,go and try your luck.

For any help you can ask your doubts in comments section anytime.

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