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How To Set Custom Ringtone In Iphone

Written by Rohit Salve


Lets learn “How to set a custom ringtone for iPhone” 

A Ringtone may be the most coolest factor that describes your personality. It should be cool enough to make you stand apart from the crowd.If you are a Rock lover,you’ll set AC/DC or Nirvana songs as your phone a ringtone.

But in case of an iPhone, it’s a quite tedious task to Set A Custom Ringtone For Your Iphone of your choice. In this post,we shall learn How To Set A Custom Ringtone Of Your Choice In Iphones.


1. Open iTunes on your computer.Find and choose a song of your choice to set as ringtone.we are going to clip a 30 second clip of this song. So, be precise in choosing this 30 secs clip.

2.Do right click on the song and select INFO>OPTIONS. Here,you can see two options- START & STOP. You can choose the timing of your OK after selecting the Timing.

3.Do Right click & select AAC version to create the same for your Ringtone.Now,we’ve the original and AAC version,we can change the original song back to regular timings by resetting the timings.

4.Do Right click on the new AAC clip and click SHOW IN FINDER.Here,Right click your newly created song and click Get Info.

5.Under Get info menu, In “Name and Extension”, change the Extension .m4a to .m4r and save the changes.

6.Drag this file from Folder to your Desktop.

7.Connect your iPhone to computer. Open iTunes and select the three dots given next to your phone and click TONES in the Drop down menu.

8.Drag and drop the tone you created from desktop to the Tones section.

9.Click on the IPhone icon and navigate to Tones>Sync. Tones>Select tone and select your tone. on SYNC DEVICE“.

11.Navigate to your iPhone Settings>Sound> your new ringtone from the list.

12.Viola! Its Done. 😀

In this way you can set any song of your choice as your ringtone in iphones.Hope this article helps you.If you face any type of difficulty while doing it,you can ask me in the comments.

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