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How to:Add Subtitles To Movies

One of the best features of Bittorrent downloaded movies is to watch them with subtitles. But not all movies come with subtitles and most of the time you have to download them separately. This tutorial will lead you through the steps of adding a subtitle to a movie.
Step 1 : Get a good video player
Step 2 : Now you need a codec to display subtitles in your video player.
Download and install DirectVobSub or VobSub – one of the most popular codec.
Though there are other codecs available over the internet but I prefer vobsub as its easy to customize and manage subtitles.
Step 3 : Next, search and download the subtitle that match your movie from these famous subtitle sites –,, and many more.
Step 4 : Place the downloaded subtitle in the movie folder.
Step 5 : Rename the subtitle as same as the movie name.
You are done. Now the subtitles should automatically load while watching movie. If not, then try to enable/provide source by right clicking on the codec icon found near the clock.
Note :
Subtitle files are generally .srt or .sub and you can easily view/edit them through text editor like NotePad.
Media Player Classic has inbuilt option for downloading and viewing subtitles.

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