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iTube app is one of the best youtube video downloader apps, it provides many additional features. We all love to watch videos and also to download some of the videos, As we all know that Youtube is the top video platform where you will get unlimited videos. Every day on youtube thousands of video uploads. So, here is the app which allows you to download any youtube video with just one click. iTube provides you the ability to download any kind of youtube video in any resolution with only just one click. Today, we are going to tell you all about iTube app and why it is Best youtube downloader. We will discuss all the features of iTube app also in this article ahead.

iTube app is one of the best youtube downloader apps, there are so many apps in the market which also do the same thing for you but iTube app gives you more features than any app can provide you. You don’t have to open youtube app even for searching or looking for trending videos, the iTube app provides you the platform where you can also search and see top trending videos. So, this clearly means that you don’t have to open another app for downloading or see videos. iTube app allows you to watch and download video with on click from iTube app only. We told you lots of things about iTube app and Now it’s time to tell you all the features about iTube app.


Features of iTube app

After this short introduction of iTube app, it’s time to tell you all the features about iTube app and There are so many features that iTube comes with. iTube app available only on Android devices but we will also tell you How to install it on PC on later articles about it. We know that you are excited to download this iTube app now but you have to know all the features of iTube app which will give you clear direction what should you do. iTube app allows you to manage your own playlist also and you can edit and remove it later if you want to. It also works on low-speed internet connection, so you have to don’t worry about internet connection speed. It also shows you so many controls on the video player of iTube app while watching videos on it. You can also hide controls by just one tap and can zoom by tapping twice. Let’s take a look at all features of Youtube app.

  • You can manage you playlist easily, with deleting any video from your playlist.
  • You can search any video that you want to watch or download.
  • You can do multitasking and background play.
  • You will also get top trending recommendations.
  • You can also search any video with high accuracy.
  • You can have the capacity to adjust to your YouTube account and oversee playlists specifically on location
  • Simply Double tap on the video to zoom it out, one tap to reject controls.

click here for download itube and installation process.

So, iTube app is the best app for youtube videos download and We think that now you know all about its features and what it do. If you like this article shares it with your friends and see our next article to know how to download and install the iTube app on your Android device or on PC . Keep visiting our site for more info.


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