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Maximize Torrent Downloading Speed

Written by Rohit Salve
There are various tuturials available on the net for optimizing/maximizing your torrent downloading speeds. But speeding up torrent client such as utorrent, bittorrent, bitcomet etc is not a easy task for non-technical guys. Here is a quick guide for fast downloading of torrents:
Step 1) Change the Max Half Open TCP connections
By default this value is set very low for windows ( reserved for windows update feature ).
You can change this value to 50 or 75 by applying this patch.
Step 2) Now change the clients Max Half Open TCP connections to something lower then previously applied. Make it 40 or 65 if you have changed as per previous step to 50 or 75, respectively.
In utorrent, you can find this setting under as depicted below.
Options > Preferences > Advanced options > net.max_halfopen
Step 3) Check the seeds/leeches ratio. The higher a ratio for a particular file to download , the better downloading speed.
Step 4) Disable Windows Firewall. Although there is no trouble with other Firewalls.
Step 5) Open up your port i.e forward your port to some higher numbers.
If you are using router then use this guide to forward your ports. [Guide] Other ways you could set it to 6881 manually. Most of the times ISP’s block this port so use random port each time. (Optimal is 10,000 +)
Step 6) Try to seed as much you can. The uploading/downloading ratio must be more than 1.3 . You can find this in utorrent as depicted below.
utorrent: help > Show Statistics
Step 7) Turn on Encryption so that your ISP doen’t know that you are using high bandwidth for torrents. You can find this setting in utorrent as depicted below.
utorrent : Options > Speed Guide > Enable Encryption
Step 8) Enable Distributed Hash Table (DHT)
It obtains more peers for you to download from. If the tracker is down, and
the torrent is not private, you can depend on DHT to continue to download.
Step 9) To get more peers, right-click the entry on the list, and click Update 
Tracker. Do this especially if you are on a private tracker before you exit the application, so that your ratio is maintained. Remember, more peers = more speed.
Step 10) Patience, my dear friend. Changing these settings will not instantly change downloading speeds. Good things takes their time.

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