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Megabox HD App Download | Free Movies and TV Shows!!

Written by Rohit Salve

Megabox HD App Review And Download Links

Television is a great source of entertainment, it gives us movies, songs, series, programs, sports, information, news and a lot more. The invention of television goes hundred years back, where having a TV is a very great thing and only the rich ones could afford it. But today everyone can have a TV and computer, smartphones, etc.

Computers and smartphones are handier and user-friendly. In TV you have to watch a show or whatever it is at a scheduled time, but it is not in the case of a smartphone or a computer, you can watch whatever you want at any time and anywhere, this is really a very good advantage over television. This will help the busy persons a lot as they can attend the meetings, conferences at the scheduled time and still enjoy the show which is telecasted at the same time.

Therefore, having TV programs telecasted in computers and smartphones is a very great deal, but it is possible today. So, you can enjoy the TV shows at any place anytime at your convenience. You just need the internet connection these days to stream all the TV programs anywhere at anytime. One such app is Megabox HD, which has a very great collection or rather a database of all movies, series, cartoons, music, programs of most of the TV channels. In this post, we will have a brief look at the Megabox HD app.

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Features and Uses of Megabox HD

You can enjoy programs, movies, sports, news or anything telecasted in TV from any channel anywhere in this world at any time with this app.

It is a wonderful app that provides all the TV channels at one place which other apps couldn’t.

You can download and watch the TV shows at any resolution, also in HD as the name says “Megabox HD”.

It is daily updated so that all the TV series episodes are regularly updated and There is a section for live TC channels which usually contains all the news channels.

You can bookmark your favorite channels to access them quick and easily.

This app can be used in computers and laptops too by using some smartphone emulators. It may be Android or iOS, this app is outstanding.

This app mainly covers all the programs from the American countries. But also includes some songs and series from other countries.

You can download some songs and shows easily from this app in full HD and enjoy it offline.

The video player of this app is awesome, it has very great options like swipe to forward or backward. Include external subtitles and you can also use this video player to play other videos. Moreover, you can also intall Megabox HD on pc.

Advantages of Megabox HD:

It has a very excellent and materialistic interface.

The database is huge and regularly updated.

You can access this app from any device.

The app is very user and noob friendly.

The category section of this app is very good.

It has filter options in it for sorting a program with its details.

The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Disadvantages of Megabox HD:

This app is available only in English.

Megabox is not present in the app store or play store.

How to install Megabox HD?

This app is not available in play store or app store, so you have to download it from an external source and install it. Don’t worry we will walk you through the process.

How to Download and Install Megabox HD Apk for Android users:

Follow the below link and download the app file from the button mentioned below.

Now, copy the app to the smartphone or if it downloaded it directly then it’s fine.

As the app is downloaded from an external source you cannot install the app directly. So, follow the instructions carefully. Go to settings and then to accessibility.

Now search for the unknown sources option and enable it.

Now, locate the apk file and open it and install it just like you install other apps.

That’s it! Now you can enjoy the mega box HD app in your Android smartphone.

How to install Megabox HD for iOS users:

Follow the link below and download the installation file for iOS

Link to download Megabox HD for ios.

Note: Use only Safari browser from your Apple device, it will work only then.

Now go to setting, then to applications and select the app and click on trusted.

Now, locate the app and install the app.

Voila! You have successfully installed the app on your Apple device.


1. Can I download the Megabox HD app from Play store or Appstore?

No, you cannot download the app from Play store or app store, however, you can download the app from the link provided in this post.

2. Is there a possibility of virus or malware or trojans being attached with the app?

No, as the app is downloaded from the official Megabox HD website, you can never expect viruses with this app.

3. How can I update the app if I did not download it from play store or app store?

There will be a popup message in the app each time there is a new version of the app released in the old version app you use. So, you can click on the popup and download the apk file from the site and install it as you did it before.

4. Can I download all the videos present it Megabox HD?

Partially Yes. There is the download option for the songs and series videos present in the app. But some videos have a restriction to download.


Megabox HD is a very wonderful app which many people use for more than 2 years, the app has more than 200 thousand active users and more than a million installs. Use the links provided in this post only to install the apps as many fake apps are revolving around the web. If you face any problem while installation or you have any feedback or opinion to share then feel free to comment below.

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