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Pokemon Go:Best Mobile Game till Date

Written by Rohit Salve

                       Hey there Everyone 

As u all know pokemon Go is the most anticipated and fastest growing app in india other than the countries its been actually released.. 

I found Girls in trains, boys in canteens even school/college teachers showing interest to this game,which is making records day by day.. 

Even tough it isn’t available on the Google Play store. It is  being used by millions of users across India..!! Few million download hits missed by Google :p ? lol

Moving on, Talking about the Game when i personally played it.. for the first time for around Five minutes it was really addictive.

I guess the reason behind everyone Playing this user friendly game is the Bond between them and the pokemon series that used be displayed on television sets.

Infact People who dont know what pokemons are.. they also started playing the game.

From my opinion it is fully fledge good graphics strategic and pass time game.

but this game is not designed for india yet.. If i am not wrong.. then u can see that there are few pokestops here in India and most of them at Places having sculptures ( eg : Mandirs) 

For me its upto 230 pokemons i have caught and i am on level 15 and i know my account will be banned soon.. 

But for experiencing the Best version of the game you’ll have to Spoof Gps hack to enjoy Full experience of the Pokémon Go. (Comment down if u want the hack)

Moving On, Its been only 7 days, after the release of the game and.. according to the stats the game beats The latest Famous and most downloaded apps like whatsapp and messenger. 

here are some forbes links for ur more info

Thats all for today.. Will meet again with a new blog 

thank you for reading ? 🙂 

keep reading, keep developing that beautiful Mind of yours 🙂 

this is spawn signing off..

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