How To Run Megabox HD on PC

Written by Rohit Salve

There a lot of ways to watch movies, but most of us prefer to watch it on television, computer or mobile phone, there are thousands of services available to stream movies in these gadgets, but every one of us prefers to watch the movies in HD, and also for free.

There are a lot of services available with these two features, but one of the best features is Megabox HD with a very great collection of movies and everything else one looks for in free movie streaming services. It is very well optimized that, being a mobile phone application, people want to use them in a computer.

You can use Megabox HD on a computer by using some online or offline android emulators, so in this post, I will post a detailed guide on how to install an android emulator on the computer and install and run Megabox HD in it and also the features of Megabox HD.

Features of Megabox HD:

    As you are using the application on the computer you will get some extra features and some more advantages than when you are using the app on the phone.

    Unlike other movie streaming application, this app is completely free to download, stream and share!

    Provides all movies in different resolutions, so you can stream the movie according to your network limitations or speed.

    In the recent update, the developers included an option to download any of the movies that are listed in the application.

    You can check the description of the movie, it’s IMDB rating and all other ratings, music director information before stream the right movie for you.

How to install Megabox HD on a computer:

The installation process is simple and easy, you just need some computer knowledge to perform this action. There are hundreds of android emulators out there, but the best one is bluestacks, online and offline emulator which are very popular and every internet enthusiast will know about it.

Use the link provided below and install the bluestacks software on your computer, make sure that you install the latest version to avoid error in future.

Link to download Blustacks: www.bluestacks.com

Now, after successfully installing bluestacks, open the app player provided and head on to the default browser or install a browser through the mobile market or play store provided.

Now search for the mega box HD apk file and download it and install it. ALternatively, use the link provided below and download the file to your computer and open it via bluestacks to directly install the mega box HD app in bluestacks.

Link to download Megabox HD

I hope the installation process was smooth and easy, if you still face any problem, comment below, we will try to fix it.

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