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Samsung Galaxy Note7:New software update cuts battery life by 40% to reduce Overheating

Written by Rohit Salve
Samsung galaxy note7 software update

Samsung galaxy note 7 : s/w update to reduce overheating

The issue of overheating samsung galaxy Note 7 handsets has been going viral over the internet from past few weeks.Samsung engineers were in a great Hustle to find a solution to this problem when an incident took place where a a Note 7 got exploded in a child’s hands After which users started returning their note 7 handsets and then it became question of glory for samsung.

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But according to the latest press Release by samsung,the company is going to roll out a software update for  samsung galaxy note 7 handsets that will stop the battery charging of Note 7 handsets at 60% to avoid overheating issues.

This update is mainly meant for the users who still haven’t returned their devices but its of no use to Indian users as No single unit of samsung galaxy note 7 has been sold in the country.Other users wordwide will start getting the update on or after Sept. 20,2016.It is going to be first released in South korea.

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Earlier samsung launched a facility on their website for users where they could check whether their unit is faulty one or not.


The worst drawback of this update is that it will reduce the battery life of samsung galaxy note 7 to only 60%.But the thing is that this handset is not more important than your life 🙂

So just wait for the update for samsung galaxy note 7  and keep checking for it in your phone settings under the software update option .


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