Save Your Wet Smartphone:9 Simple Steps

Written by Rohit Salve
  1. Save your wet smarthone easily

How to Save your wet smartphone.

So,you’re returning from work & it was raining heavily.your phone slips out from your pocket and gets sink in the water.Or you just mistakenly left your phone in the pocket while washing clothes and then you see it bubbling inside the washing machine.we come across many such instances in our day to day life.Most of the times we have no idea & you’re like- What should i do now??

How can I save my wet smartphone??

But ,No need to bother at all as I have an idea to save your wet smartphone without any data loss.just follow the simple steps mentioned below and save your wet smartphone easily.

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Steps to follow:

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  1. Just take the smartphone out of the liquid right away and DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTON. (I repeat)
  2. Take out the Battery.
  3. Leave all the parts of smartphone open and remove all the cases(if any).
  4. Take out the Sim card and any other SD cards quickly.
  5. Remove the case & other peripherals(if attached).
  6. Dry everything with a towel.
  7. Put your phone in a Bowl full of uncooked rice.
  8. Leave the phone in the rice bowl for approx. 48 hours.
  9. Try switching ON the phone after 48-72 hours.
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      If everything goes right,you will definitely get your smartphone back to working state.But there are certain things that you must keep in mind while following the above process.

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      Additional Tips:

      1.Don’t try to use a hair dryer or blower as the heat may melt some parts/ICs of the smartphone.

      2.If you can’t remove the battery of your phone,carefully check to see if it’s still ON.If it is,turn it OFF.

      3.Take your phone to a professional to avoid corrosion.

      4.Don’t try to take your phone apart as it voids the warranty.

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      Last words:

      Hope this guide helps you in your tough times in saving your wet smartphone. If you find the guide useful,please do share to with your mates and relatives via Facebook,twitter & google+.


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