[SOUND MOD][5.0+/6.0+] DivineBeats-V4.5 with Sony Walkman The Ultimate

What DivineBeats do?​
It breaks all the chains which are binding your phone from offering you the ultimate sound. Moreover it is integrated with Viper4Android which gives you the power to control the mod. Also sony walkman is there for you to play music with DivineBeats. ​
• Rooted
• Deodexed/Odexed (Deodexed is recommended)
• Custom recovery | CWM, TWRP, PhilZ Touch, etc
• Free 45 – 55 MB of memory system ROM on your device
• Used ROM base on 5.0, 5.1, 5.1.1, 6.0 + like AOSP/CM12.1/CM13/MIUI7 Beta[MM] etc
How to install:
Take nandroid backup [Recommended] Download the
Transfer it to phone.
Flash it via recovery
Wipe cache and dalvik cache
Reboot your phone and enjoy.
1. Merged Sony Music fix with DivineBeats.
2. Now enjoy DivineBeats with Dolby Digital+ also. [Thanks to @guitardedhero] 3. Updated Script.
4. Now use ClearAudio+ with sony walkman aka music.
5. Sony music updatable from play store.
6. Now you can install any Sony app from play store including camera, album, keyboard etc.
1. Added Am3D Zirene Audio Fx [Thanks to @arcatarc
2. Added Divine Equalizer. [Thanks to @arcatarc
3. Updated Sony Music aka Walkman to latest v9.1.5.A.1.0beta.
4. Added Material white ViPER4Android. [Thanks to @Viper4713
5. Updated Script.
6. Updated Some Libs.
7. Updated audio_config.
8. Removed Sound Alive [As many users were complaining about it.]
1. Fixed error for no viper4android installation.
2.Added SoundAlive.
1. Updated Sony Music to latest v9.1.4.A.2.1beta [Thanks to @yyz71 for pointing out].
2. Modified script a little bit.
1. Updated Viper4android to latest version
2. Added Dolby Atmos for enhancing user experience and sound.
3.Updated many libs to newest versions.
Updated V4A to Matterial One
Updated Sony Lib Files For Better Processing
Updated Walkman App
Updated to more Light Package
Awesome Sound
Working on LP and MM
Sony Walkman
Pon-3 Audio
eXpress Engine
48,000Khz Sampling Rate
Dolby Digital Plus
Beats Audio Libs
Sony ClearAudio and XLoud libs
SRS Processing
DTS Processing
Noozxoide EIZO-rewire™ PRO
Sound you have never heard before from your device and many more….
Latest DivineBeats With Dolby Digital+_v5.0:

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