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Top 10 iOS accessories you should have

With the rise of the iPhone in the smartphones market a lot of gadgets and accessories appeared to make the iPhone experience better.

The most popular and rather most common ones you can find are speakers, earphones and dock/stands but I’m going to feature in this article a few other types of iPhone accessories besides the usual ones, maybe some that you haven’t heard about.
The prices vary for these interesting and cool iPhone accessories, maybe because some of them are the best that you can find in their category, but there are also cheaper and more accessible ones. However, remember that quality comes along with the price.

1. Aware Brain and Body Sensing Headphones


World’s first custom-fit headphone with brain & biometric sensing. The Aware is a custom-fit Bluetooth headphone with embedded biometric sensors that reliably measure data such as brainwaves, heart rate, steps, distance traveled, and calories burned, among other information, all accessible through your phone. The Aware hearable can track brain waves through EEG and provide real-time monitoring of focus, stress, sleep patterns, and relaxation. This enhanced awareness may help users increase focus, lower stress levels, understand their sleep patterns, and help guide them to be more mindful.

2.Smartphone-Enabled Virtual Reality Headset by VRKiX


Go on an adventure and transport yourself to another world with the smartphone-enabled Virtual Reality Headset by VRKiX. You can now have adventure awaiting your arrival anywhere you go with this headset. With a pillow-backed head strap with 1.5-inch wide fully adjustable elastic, you won’t need a break any time soon. Complete with ventilation ports and thick goggle padding, the lenses in the VRKiX headset are completely adjustable so you don’t even need to wear your glasses. The spring-loaded hinged door reveals a compartment for holding your smartphone. It’s tight enough to keep you phone steady even during the wildest adventures. There is also a removable front access plate allowing you to use your camera for enhanced, app-enabled VR experiences. With a large screen and 3D capabilities, you’ll be on a new adventure every day.

3.KANOA-wireless headphones


By cutting the cords completely, KANOA has been able to bring forth a new range of earphones which provide a seamless audio experience anywhere on the go. These earphones are completely wireless and can be controlled from any Bluetooth 3.0-4.0 device from a distance up to 33 ft. The variety of silicon jackets and ear tips will ensure you get the perfect fit and thereby experience unmatched ergonomics from a unique pair of earphones. You can even custom-tune the high-quality audio with the help of the corresponding mobile app or equalizer. The earphones will undergo easy wireless charging with the playtime being around 4-6 hours. What really sets it apart is the audio transparency using which you can easily remain connected to your surroundings by letting sound in or keeping it out. Setting a new standard in music and performance, you can now pre-order your KANOA earphones at a discounted price by using the coupon code: KANOAFAN for a limited time. Pair it up with your iPhone or Apple Watch and set forth on an all-new musical journey thereafter.

4.Belkin rock star 5-way 3.5mm headphone splitter


The Belkin RockStar is a new way to share and mix your music with friends–a unique hub that connects a combination of MP3 players and headphones. Attach your headphones and hear your friend’s playlist. Or, add another iPod to mix songs and listen together. RockStar makes it fun to create your own music experience.Connect up to five headphones and your iPod to start sharing. Or, add another iPod to mix songs and listen together. Works with all MP3 and DVD players, as well as other portable media devices–if it has a mini output jack, you’re good to go.

5.Soundclip iPhone audio booster


During critical iPhone gaming sessions in the conference room we find ourselves sometimes having to put our ears to the bottom of our iPhones just to hear important game noises over the din of corporate buzzwords and powerpoint presentations. Sad really. Furthermore, when we want to show clever YouTube videos to our co-workers at the pub often times the sound is barely audible… and those landscape mode games… we always block the speaker with our hands. Luckily the SoundClip directs sound from the built-in speaker on the iPhone toward you to increase the clarity and volume for movies and music. It also makes games easier to play without blocking your iPhone’s speaker. A tuned conical deflection chamber designed to make the audio from your iPhone clearer and also slightly louder. Sound waves are reflected toward you, instead of away, so you feel more involved in your game, movie, or music.SoundClip amplifies iPhone audio by 10dB between 6kH and 20kHz, resulting in a cleaner, more accurate response.

6.Headphone cord organizer by fist case


Spend less time untangling your cables and more time tuning in with the Headphones Cord Organizer by FistCase. Made with 100% genuine leather, this simple yet necessary solution ensures your earbuds or 3.5mm audio cable can be found and used without calling a locksmith. With the Headphones Cord Organizer, the straight plug is seamlessly pushed through a small loop in the leather. The remaining cord is elegantly and quickly folded and secured into place with the remaining leather wrap and it fastens with a buckle. Available in your choice of black, brown, or light brown leather, the Headphones Cord Organizer will save you time and patience every day. Most conveniently, this compact solution can be easily tossed into any pocket or bag and be ready when you need it.

7.Atmosflare 3d pen set


Draw and create here, there, and even in mid-air with the AtmosFlare 3D Pen Set. This precision art tool allows you to draw incredible pieces of 3D art with ease. Because the AtmosFlare Pen works from any angle, you can draw vertically, horizontally, or any way you choose. The revolutionary technology and designed of the AtmosFlare Pen ensures the ink to set instantly as you sculpt to retain your desired shape and to allow you to create anything you can imagine. A cinch to use, you can swap out the cartridges for the pen swiftly and easily to not hinder your creative flow. The AtmosFlare 3D Pen Set comes with the ergonomic and easy to use pen, a cap, a AA battery for up to four hours of use, four different tips, and two cartridge refills (one red and one blue).

8.Gatekeeper 2.0


KILL THE PASSWORD! The Kickstarter-backed GateKeeper 2.0 is the new key for your computer. Log into your computer with no action other than walking up to it. Tired of typing your password every time you login into your computer? Gatekeeper safely stores your password with military-grade encryption and will automatically manage computer access through a seamless, high-performance Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Password keeper, authentication device, access tool, and tracker all in one. Eliminate the tedious password management, for convenient, reliable wireless security! Compatible with virtually all USB-enabled computers. Guaranteed support and continuous firmware update for ever-improving perf improvements

9.Beyerdynamic MMX 102 iE – Premium Earphones With Smart Improvements


You can consider the Beyerdynamic MMX 102 iE Premium Earphones as the perfect upgrade to its predecessor. The cable for this earphone is pretty smooth which eliminates noise with the voice being represented by smooth highs and extended base frequencies. Even the acoustic drivers guarantee high fidelity music reproduction throughout the full frequency spectrum. The response that you get out of this set of earphones is simply mindblowing. Ready to give it a try all you music lovers out there?

10. Kensington PowerLift™ Back-Up Battery, Dock and Stand – $49.99


The Kensington PowerLift™ Back-Up Battery, Dock and Stand gives your iPhone hours of extra power, converts for in-hand use and offers a hands-free stand. The 1200 mAh battery pack provides rapid charging while the kickstand flips open to let you enjoy FaceTime chats and videos with no hands or fear of running out of power.

If you have any further suggestions or you know about some gadgets which should be in the list then feel free to sound off them in the comments.

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