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Can’t find your favorite torrents in mininova, isohunt or in other sites ? Then why not give a try searching for them. Google, Yahoo or MSN are great search engines just add “torrent” keyword with the movie name in the search box and be flooded with thousands of torrents. But the problem of these search engines is that they are not customized on torrent workings and often giving you dead or malicious torrents.
 Here is a quick list of torrents search engines which might help you in finding the accurate torrent with their pros and cons :
1) Torrentz.com
One of the most popular torrent search engine which is also the fastest. Its search results give torrents location along with trackers list. Though its most recommended search engine, it is somewhat complicated for a newbie.
It is a Multi-Search Engine which searches 158 torrent sites and trackers based on your keywords. But no one hardly needs such comprehensive results unless for some research PHD purpose.
Sounds like sister of youtube , this is a beautiful search engine and its user interface is almost like google. But the problem is its LEGAL . So most of the times you end up getting results like cartoon, trailors or pictures.
Once banned by government of USA, they are back in action. A perfect source to get your torrents but entry is exclusively by invitation. So, it might not help you unless you have some real good contacts over internet.
Its searches are relevant, fast and easy to understand. Just like google arranges websites by their page ranks, speckly arranges torrents by real time seeds and leeches. So you get best of the best results but only you have sort which arent fake torrents. But the good news is most of the times a torrent with high seeds/ leeches has good audio and video quality.
Its a one point search engine where you can select one of various torrent sites (SumoTorrent, BTjunkie, Torrent Reactor)on the left side and and view them on the right side. Its very useful if you have a habit of jumping from one torrent site to another but it totally depends on you to select which are the best torrents in class.

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