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TutuApp Apk Download – Tutu app For Android!!

Written by Rohit Salve

Looking to download Tutu app on your Android?

Android is a very flexible and open source operating system. Almost 80 percent of the smartphone users use Android as their operating system. Android apps are famous for games, live streaming, and other essential apps. Many people choose Android phones over iOS is all the all are available for free in play store. But some of the apps are also paid, but all at least one app is free in all kinds of apps.

iOS is also another popular operating system used in smartphones, this is exclusively only for Apple Products and this operating system also provides awesome games and other apps. But most of the apps are paid in this operating system. Therefore, this post will be very useful for the iOS users.

In this post, we will be discussing an app known as tutuapp, or the tutu helper app which is known for its exclusive free service. This app is a native Chinese app, known as the tutu app, but later as the demand for the app has increased a lot, so the developer of the app has introduced a brand new English version of the app.

TutuApp: Why You Should Download it!!

This is famous because it is an alternative for play store with added benefits, many people previously used this app as an alternative for play store as many people had problems with play store at initial stages, it has a lot of bugs and most of the custom ROM users used this app instead of play store, and it gained more users as many games and apps which were paid in play store.

Tutu app has been very popular among the Chinese Android users as many people loved the interface, user experience and the native language of the app. Moreover, it was far better than the play store. Apart from Android, the app was available on iOS and PC also. People were using the app in all three.

This app got a huge success and gained about 10 times the current users when they released the modded version of Pokémon Go. This app has been releasing all the cracked version of paid games in play store.

At the time when Pokémon go was rocking the world, tutu app released a modded version of the game where you no need to move to capture or train your Pokémon you can just do it by sitting at a place. These features were loved by many Pokémon go users and the app gained almost 20 million downloads for this initiative.

Amazing Features of the Tutu App:

  • Tutu App has a very good user experience and a noob and user-friendly user interface.
  • This app is now available in English which gained it a lot more users.
  • Tutu App provides many premia and paid apps in play store for free.
  • Tutu App provides cracked versions and paid versions of many apps for free.
  • Tutu App doesn’t require your phone to be rooted or jailbroken in order to install the app.
  • Tutu App provides some extra tools like battery monitor, smart info, to enhance your smartphone experience. It is an all in one tool.
  • Tutu App was far better than play store at a time, it provided a lot of features which was later integrated into play store. This app was not famous because the app was available only in Chinese, otherwise, it could have outranked play store at that time.

How to Download Tutu App?

Tutu App for Android:

Tutu is very popular among Android users and as it is a competitor to play store, the app is not available in play store. Below are steps mentioned to install tutu app on your Android smartphone:

Head on to the link provided below and download the apk file.

Now copy the file to your smartphone or if you have downloaded it in the smartphone itself then it is well and fine.

Now, go to settings and enable the unknown sources to feature to install apps downloaded other than play store.

After that just install tutuapp like you install other apps.

That’s it, you have successfully installed the app. Enjoy premium games and apps for free on your Android smartphone!

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Tutu App for iOS:

Installing Tutu App in iOS devices is a bit complicated process, but there is an easy method to do it, follow the steps below,

  1. Launch Safari Browser on your iOS device. [Note: This method works only on Safari Browser and you should use safari and download the app directly from the device you need to install the app]
  2. Now visit the site given below to download the app
    Link to download Tutu App for iOS devices: TuTuapp.com
  3. Now, download and install the app as you install other application which is not downloaded from apple app store.
  4. That’s it! Enjoy games and app for free now!

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Tutu App for PC:

You can install and enjoy Tutu app in PC by using an android or an iOS emulator. Most of the people use Bluestacks android emulator to install and use Tutuapp in computers because it provides a near android experience in computer. People also use other emulators like Youwave and much more to install tutu app on PC, it can also be used in some online emulators.

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Tutuapp is one of the best alternatives for play store and has tons of extra features which play store may take months to integrate. This app has almost 10 million active install and users. This app became famous only by the Pokémon go modded app. There are many apps with same name and interface developed by false people which inject Trojans, malware in your device, so use the link provided in this post only.

If you face any problem while downloading or while installing this app, feel free to comment below, we will be an app to guide you through the process.

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