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What are Torrents?

Written by Rohit Salve
Most of the people around are unaware of the word “Torrent” and also don’t know “How to use Torrents?.So, Today In this post,I am going to give you a brief introduction of What is a Torrent?” and How does Torrent works?”

From Wiki’s Dictionary a Torrent is ” A large amount of something, especially water or rain; a heavy stream or flow”.
Generally, you download torrent file (extension is .torrent) which is most of the times a movie i.e some_movie.torrent .Now this small file doesn’t contain the movie but all the information needed by a client (such as bitTorrent or utorrent). Let us assume utorrent as default client.
utorrent is a client which follows some protocols (a set of rules and description of how to do things) allowing you to download files quickly by allowing people downloading the file to upload (distribute) parts of it at the same time.
So, a client such as utorrent or bittorrent is used for opening torrent files, downloading data, uploading data to other clients looking for the file, and to make your own torrents. The client also lets you see detailed information about the files you are downloading and uploading.
In most of the cases bittorrent is used as organic word for torrent, credit for innovation.
Some of the top torrent clients for P2P file distribution are :
1) uTorrent
2) Azureus , now known as Vuse
3) BitTyrant
4) BitTorrent Official Client
5) BitComet
6) BitTornado
7) Limewire (Screened type bitTorrent)

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