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Which Is Better- “Torrent” or “Rapidshare”??

Ever tried downloading a movie from RapidShare or MegaUpload. Torrents are most of the times used for movie downloads. But the question is which is better?
Whilst downloading from MegaUpload or RapidShare, the speed is determined by your internet connection as you are directly downloading from internet server.
Whilst downloading torrents, speed is determined by your internet connection and the amount of seeders/leechers as you are not downloading from any specific host (server) but from a group of hosts that uploads the file in real time for you (leechers).
So, downloading from rapidshare/megaupload is better as the give you constant speed and you dont need to upload anything where as torrent download speed depends on seeders and you also need to upload same portions of the file that you have downloaded. This consumes your bandwith and the case worsens on downloading multiple torrents.
But in case of large files torrents are always advantageous as you can pause/stop and resume them whenever you want. If your internet keeps disconnecting then torrents are the best solution.
Moral of the story : If your files are large and take hours to download then opt for torrents but for small files always prefer Rapidshare for maximum downloading speed.

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