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Wifi Password Hacker- Easiest Wifi Password Hack

Written by Rohit Salve

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The Internet has revolutionized this world to a great extent. We cannot imagine a proper functioning of almost all sectors without internet today. The Internet has provided lots of jobs, brought huge changes in many sectors and it has done a lot for mankind.

Providing the internet and having access to it has many different ways. Like we can share the internet through Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi, Cellular data, etc. But the most popular method of sharing the internet today is the Wi-Fi and the cellular data. But new technologies for high-speed internet access for cellular data are being developed now only. So, nowadays Wi-Fi is the main mode of internet access in many parts of the world.

Wifi password hacker – Quick Wifi hacker password breaker

Wi-Fi has many advantages and disadvantages too. Wi-Fi has benefited a lot to many people. But it is a man-made system of network sharing it also has its black side. Wi-Fi can be hacked easily. There are different types of security encryption in Wi-Fi, but whatever it may be, it can be hacked easily.

Here is a list of Wi-Fi Security Encryption types:

  • Open
  • WEP 64
  • WEP 128
  • WPA2-PSK (AES)

But, there are different types of wireless attack methods to attack and recover any information from the network, like their security keys too. But some secure networks are not very easy to hack. But I will never say any system in uncrackable. There are security flaws or penetration tools to hack all security networks.

In this post, we will learn how to hack Wi-Fi passwords using a computer, smartphone etc i.e. how to use a wifi password hacker.

How to Hack WiFi Password on A Computer?

Wi-Fi passwords are easy to crack if you own a computer, because in basics we will use a technique called brute force to crack the password in which we will program to try to login to the Wi-Fi network using all possible password, therefore in case if you are using a computer you will have a better processor and the process will take place much faster than compared to smartphones.

In computers, we will use an operating system called Kali Linux to hack Wi-Fi password, this is a very popular operating system among hackers. In latest updates of this operating system, about new 600+ tools were added which has all inbuilt coding of Wi-Fi penetration. So, you just need to select the network and it creates a handshake and you can get the password.

However, we will see how to How to Hack Wi-Fi Password in basic coding in Kali Linux:

Download Kali Linux image or ISO from its official website and write it to a CD or a USB.

Now, install the operating system or live boot it and log in to root user

The username of the root user is root and the default password it toor

Now open the terminal and type the following command:


This command will list all the network interface cards available in your computer, and also the interface name corresponding to the driver, usually it will be wlan0. Note it and follow step three.

Type the following command in terminal and hit enter.

airmon-ng start <interface name>

If your interface name is wlan0, then type airmon-ng start wlan0.

Now, after starting the monitor mode of your interface type in the following command.

airodump-ng wlan0

Now, this command will list all the available Wi-Fi networks in range, this is a very important step. Choose the network which you want to attack and note down the corresponding channel number and the BSSID of the network.

After noting down the BSSID, type in the following command.

airodump-ng –c <channel number> –bssid <bssid> -w /root/Desktop/ <moniter interface>

Now replace the <channel number> with the number you have noted and replace the BSSID with the value you have noted. /root/Desktop is the path to indicate the word list location. A word list is a file containing all possible combinations of a security key that could fit in. So, this is basically a brute force attack. Run the command mentioned above.

Now open a new terminal and type the following command.

aireplay-ng –0 <de-authentication mode> –a <SSID> –c <BSSID> wlan0

Replace <de-authentication mode> with 2. And SSID with your mac address and BSSID with your targets mac address. And run the command, this will make a WPA Handshake, which will create a link between your NIC and the target’s NIC which will allow the program to check all the keys one by one, even to continue in case of dis-connectivity.

So, after setting up all these things, run the following command to start attacking.

aircrack-ng -a2 -b <BSSID> -w <wordlist directory> /root/Desktop/*.cap

Replace <BSSID> with the target’s mac and replace the wordlist directory with the path where the word list is located and the command above will save the captured files in desktop.

Finally, you will get the key!

How to Hack WiFi Password On Android?: Wifi Hacker

Well, there are so many ways to hack a Wi-Fi network in smartphones you can use a custom Android based operating system known as a net hunter which is a basic version of Kali Linux based on Android. Where you will get a Kali Linux OS experience, so you can follow the above steps to crack the password.

Or there are a number of Android applications, which has these codes inbuilt in them, so you can directly install them and crack the password easily. I will mention some of the apps below:

  1. WPS Connect
  2. Wi-Fi Kill
  3. WIFI WPS WPA Tester
  4. Nmap for Android
  5. Wi-Fi Finder
  6. Fing Networks Tools
  7. Arpspoof
  8. Network Spoofer
  9. Wi-Fi Inspect
  10. Wi-Fi You

You can find some of the apps in play store, or a little googling will get you the wifi password hacker app.


Hacking Wi-Fi has now become so easy that many people are hacking Wi-Fi networks around them using third party apps. Wi-Fi hacking is not illegal but a violation of some policies like accessing private data of host or using the darknet for illegal activity through hacked Wi-Fi networks will get you caught. This post is only for educational purpose. Feel free to comment below, if you face any problem. We will be happy to guide you with wifi password hacker.

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